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Cinc nocturns urbans


In this collection the author has expressed his vision of the night when the city is silent, and the vision of the moon looks down on us and lights our way.

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Edition: Digital

    Period 20th c.
    Subheading / Parts Constel·lació - Lluna i arlequí - Suburbi - Com una balada - El son de la nit
    Instruments piano
    Pages 22
    Time 20 min.
    Contents score
    ISMN 979-0-3502-0720-4
    Price of print edition 15€
    Edition Digital

    The night has often guided me in my creative work. It is true that, like any divine work, the night has music inherent to its spirit and you can sometimes hear this chant if you let go of prejudices, formulisms and dogmas. You feel this chant when it comes to you as a need that you cannot get rid of, forcing you to bring it to life.
    In any case I would say that in the pieces of this collection one will find my vision of the night when the city lies quiet and appears to be asleep, and then there is also the vision of the moon when it looks down on us and lights our way with no other polychromes than blues and whiteness...

    Francesc Taverna-Bech

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