Guzmán, Josep Lluís

Guzmán, Josep Lluís

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Born in Sabadell (Catalonia) in 1954. He obtains higher education at Barcelona and Badalona conservatoires. He has been flautist on the Young Orquestra of Sabadell and the Quartet Laietà,  playing concerts of baroque music (1976-81).  As a music teacher he has developed at different music schools and he has conducted some catalan choirs.

Within the field of composing he has cultivated a variety of forms, in a wide spectrum of genres, including from soloist instrument to full orchestra.

His work shows the legacy of the aesthetic tendencies that belong to the generation of the second Spanish Republic.

Besides symphonic and chamber music, in the field of choral composition - both in original pieces and in harmonisation of folksongs – his music  has  been performed by distinguished Catalan, Spanish and European choirs.

Part of his work has been played by different soloist and ensembles like Trio of Paris, London Sinfonietta, Glinka Quartet, and recorded by Ars Harmonica (La Mà de Guido), FCEC, etz. Some of his pieces have been published by Clivis, Dinsic, FCEC, UdL. 

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