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  • 11,05 €

    Author: Armenter, Xavier

    Edition: Digital

    The title Fantasia reflects the free use of the different formal resources used. We can therefore recognise the Variation, the Fugue and the structural elements of the Sonata form that are essential in structuring a work of certain complexity.

    11,05 €
  • 7,56 €

    Author: Eckart, Edmundo

    Edition: Digital

    Mahlers Traum opens with a theme which evokes the spirit of Robert Schumann’s Träumerei –‘reverie’–. However, towards the end of the piece, it adopts expressions and harmonies more typical of Gustav Mahler.

    7,56 €
  • 8,14 €

    Author: Bertran, Moisès

    Edition: Digital

    The Prelude and Dance follows a typical structure of Frederic Monpou, and the Finale closes the work.

    8,14 €
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