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  • 13,38 €

    Author: Ortega, Miquel

    Edition: Digital

    The four Cançons sobre poemes de García Lorca (Songs on poems of García Lorca) by Miquel Ortega are written in a style that we might call post-falla, with evident Spanish roots, essentially Andalusian, given the nature of the poems.

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  • 12,10 €

    Author: Ferrer, Enric

    Edition: Digital

    The Concerto for bassoon and string orchestra was commissioned by bassoonist Vasil Nikolov. This is a concerto with a certain austerity and intimacy, which at the same time allows the bassoon to unleash its captivating and magical capacities. Vasil Nikolov with the Radio Sofia Symphony Orchestra under composer direction recorded it the CD will be...

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  • 11,05 €

    Author: Benejam, Lluís

    Edition: Digital

    The Concerto for trumpet and string orchestra by Lluís Benejam has three canonic movements and is impregnated throughout by a certain popular and playful register: despite the fact that Benejam makes no musical allusion to traditional themes at any point, the rhythmic features employed from the very first to the very last beat give it a very...

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  • 10,89 €

    Author: Rodríguez Picó, Jesús

    Edition: Digital

    The Concertino per a clarinet i cordes takes the 20th century concertinos for clarinet as its reference, using the technical resources proposed by such works. In spite of being divided into two parts, the piece is written as a continuous work which is, however, full of contrast.

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  • 9,60 €

    Author: Bertran, Moisès

    Edition: Digital

    Concertino for Piano and Strings is characterised by its organic and straight-forward construction, developed with a modesty and simplicity in its musical themes and expressions, which affords it a sense of unity, transparency and clarity.

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  • 15,13 €

    Author: Bertran, Moisès

    Edition: Digital

    Esguards silents is a concerto for guitar and string orchestra in three movements entitled Incertesa (Uncertainty),Desconcert (Bewilderment) and Desolació (Desolation). Each one of them wants to express an emotional state as it could be felt by a child from any country in front of the disasters of a war.

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  • 13,96 €

    Author: Oltra, Manuel

    Edition: Digital

    The general inspiration of the piece stems from traditional music, although no traditional theme is referred to at any point during the piece. It could be described as a stroll (a suite) through various environments and atmospheres which abound with good taste that commences with a delicate, albeit rhythmic prelude introducing the two main elements on...

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  • 14,96 €

    Author: Gols, Xavier

    Edition: Digital

    The music of Gols is fresh and agreeable with passages and tones that echo traditional Catalan popular music and has been consistently performed over the years by leading contemporary artists.

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  • 25,13 €

    Author: Serra, Joaquim

    Edition: Digital

    On examining them and performing them you will appreciate the exquisite savoir faire of Joaquim Serra both as a composer and as an orchestrator.   

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  • 17,91 €

    Author: Armenter, Xavier

    Edition: Digital

    17,91 €
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