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Digital sheet music, like books, are adapting to modern times; in other words, to new technologies and the digital era. Without underestimating the pleasure of holding a bound score with a rigid, illustrated cover, bought in some lovely little music shop, today you can get access to all the sheet music you need from the comfort of your home with a single click, whether from a computer, an eBook reader, a tablet or a mobile phone.

Our online store features a wide range of sheet music by contemporary composers for all kinds of instruments and vocal groups, to which we offer easy, convenient and affordable access. Once you have downloaded your score you will have a copy in digital format which you can refer to whenever you like.

Our offering will be progressively enlarged and very soon you will have access to an extensive collection of works from the 20th and 21st centuries.

What advantages does buying from CLIVIS offer?

  • CLIVIS offers the widest range of sheet music by contemporary composers and a catalogue of exclusive works that you will only find at CLIVIS.
  • We have broken down the geographical barriers so you can access whatever sheet music you want from wherever you are with a single click.
  • A catalogue of exclusive works that you will only find at CLIVIS.
  • Constant updates and additions of new composers.
  • A record of all the sheet music you buy which you can download again and again.


Enric Climent Viñas (1910-1983) was one of the viola teachers who founded the Barcelona Municipal Orchestra which would later become the City of Barcelona Orchestra. In his capacity as a singer he founded and played an active role for more than ten years the mixed vocals group, Quartet Filharmonia. At the same time he worked in musical graphic arts as an engraver where he identified the need to establish a publishing house to disseminate the works of Catalan composers who, as a result of the Spanish Civil War, had been overlooked, and also publicise new up-and-coming composers. Thus CLIVIS was founded in 1946 in Barcelona, and its first publication was Cinco Canciones Negras (Five Black Songs) by Xavier Montsalvatge.

Based on his involvement in the Quartet Filharmonia group, he saw the need to find a more modern way of publishing a broad repertoire of pieces for the huge number of choirs and choral societies that abounded at that time. Composer Ricard Lamote de Grignon wrote the work El Romance del Caballero (The Knight’s Romance) for a vocal quartet which was one of the first works for four mixed voices published by CLIVIS.

In the 1970s, CLIVIS embarked on the project of publishing the works of young composers such as Salvador Brotons and Jaume Torrent, whose early works are still available today, while at the same time recovering works by well-known, talented composers such as F. Fleta Polo and Manuel Valls, and others who had fallen into obscurity such as Lluís Benejam, Eduard Toldrà, Ricard Lamote de Grignon, Joaquim Serra and Agustí Borgunyó, amongst others.

Year after year, the CLIVIS Publications catalogue has been joined by such renowned names as Josep Soler, Francesc Taverna Bech and Jordi Cervelló, not to mention up-and-coming talents such as Moisès Bertran and David Bozzo.




Every year, CLIVIS attends one of the most important international trade fairs in Europe, the MUSIKMESSE, which is held in the German city of Frankfurt and is a must for anyone involved in the art and music business.


CLIVIS also attends all kinds of get-togethers and meetings of groups of performers, such as the Barcelona Bass Meeting at which some of the top bass players in the world get together, as well as summer courses and conventions in different musical disciplines where we showcase our editorial collection to professional musicians.


At CLIVIS you can buy digital sheet music of contemporary composers (20th and 21st century) that are exclusive to our publishing house.

The works you will find here range from pieces for solo instruments to symphonic music, with a large range of chamber music for all kinds of instrumental and vocal formations.

CLIVIS offers access to a wealth of modern music with just one click, wherever you are in the world. This is the ideal opportunity for students and young musicians with an interest in discovering new works as well as every band and orchestra looking to update their repertoire.

The current range will be added to until most of the CLIVIS catalogue is represented, and in the very near future we will be extending our collection to include international contemporary composers.

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