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  • 11,05 €

    Author: Oltra, Manuel

    Edition: Digital

    This work of Manuel Oltra is composed by two independent parts, which respond to two different rhythmic atmospheres. The first is a lullaby, and the second a rondo.

    11,05 €
  • 12,33 €

    Author: Grèbol, Armand

    Edition: Digital

    The sense of humor of the author and his mordant sarcasm are reflected in the music of each of the five brass instruments, with varied counterpoints and rhythms.

    12,33 €
  • 7,20 €

    Author: Lamote de Grignon, Ricard

    Edition: Digital

    The Miniatures are small pieces for small groups (from duets, trios and quartets to groups of eleven players) which explore the possibilities of the performers from the perspective of sound rather than technique or virtuosity.

    7,20 €
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