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  • 6,92 €

    Author: Grèbol, Armand

    Edition: Digital

    Constant dialogue between the saxophone and piano. It's a reflective music that has a intimist character that invites to meditation.

    6,92 €
  • 11,23 €

    Author: Rodríguez Picó, Jesús

    Edition: Digital

    The Sonata Marina is divided into three movements, the first begins with a slightly nostalgic saxophone theme, the second focuses on the idea of ​​distance and not return, the third initiated by an allusion to Mahler's music, has a more free-flowing and bright style.

    11,23 €
  • 12,10 €

    Author: Benejam, Lluís

    Edition: Digital

    This piece clearly shows post-impressionist traits, modal turns of phrase, a wealth of registers, a constant rhythm, a taste for chromatic modulations and a mastery of counterpoint. Although the alto saxophone is undoubtedly the protagonist throughout the piece, the piano is not restricted to an accompanying role but is instead clearly involved in the...

    12,10 €
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