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    Author: Soler, Josep

    Edition: Digital

    The expression of Soler’s music takes the lead in each bar of the work. The priority the author gives to the expressive act translates into a large number of precise indications for the interpreters which go from pianissimo with four ps, to fortissimo with four fs, notes on the phrasing (even fingerings), and the search for concrete sounds and textures.

    9,08 €
  • 11,34 €

    Author: Rodríguez Picó, Jesús

    Edition: Digital

    La ciutat de Cloe belongs to a set of compositions of chamber music based on Invisible cities, the book by Italo Calvino. The aspects that these works have in common are the relationship between imagined architectures and the dynamics of cities, between compact forms and mobility.

    11,34 €
  • 11,39 €

    Author: Mestres Quadreny, Josep M.

    Edition: Digital

    Sonades de Besllum es un conjunto de tres piezas compuestas en 1994 por el escritor Josep M. Mestres Quadreny a partir del desarrollo fractal.

    11,39 €
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