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  • 18,15 €

    Author: Rodríguez Picó, Jesús

    Edition: Digital

    El paradís de les muntanyes, with libretto by Miquel Desclot, is a chamber opera with one act and 10 scenes; the imagined text places some archetypical characters in some dramatic situations far from what is “reasonable”; it makes a musical treatment that is varied and contrasted easier, which may highlight the poetic, grotesque and dramatic elements of...

    18,15 €
  • 37,39 €

    Author: Lamote de Grignon, Ricard

    Edition: Digital

    La Flor by Ricard Lamote Grignon, enjoy the high quality of his other works from the same era as Facècia, Boira or Enigmes.

    37,39 €
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