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  • 7,27 €

    Author: Soto, Pere

    Edition: Digital

    It is a brilliant work that is difficult to perform and includes the best of the author’s jazz-based repertoire. The composer say, “The skill of a percussionist in creating highly complex rhythms and multi-rhythms and the search for exotic timbres is a boundless source of inspiration”.

    7,27 €
  • 8,72 €

    Author: Guinjoan, Joan

    Edition: Digital

    The work Variations on the Theme "Cuncti Simus Concanentes" from the Llibre Vermell de Montserrat explores the theme through a series of matrices based on this theme, starting with a light movement that progressively moves on to different structural passages, gradually increasing in speed and culminating in a tremolo in the final chord.

    8,72 €
  • 7,85 €

    Author: Puértolas, Pere J.

    Edition: Digital

    In Pinewood Waltz drums is treated as a classical percussion section. This work is a waltz from the first bar to the last, which requires virtuosic technique and deep musical knowledge of the player.

    7,85 €
  • 3,27 €

    Author: Gumi, Carles

    Edition: Digital

    3,27 €
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