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  • 9,83 €

    Author: Capdevila, Mercè

    Edition: Digital

    The work Corn d'or comprises quick, compressed sounds whose density means they can be listened to en masse. In the slow moments the mass deflates and softens, the sound expands and separates, breaking off in the form of phrases, or isolated sounds, with different properties, directions and levels.

    9,83 €
  • 27,05 €

    Author: Fleta Polo, Francisco

    Edition: Digital

    Tales of Don Quixote is a collection of eight musical moments inspired by the various characters of Cervantes’ epic novel. Throughout the work, there appear the serving girl, the judge, Camacho, the university graduate and the priest, among others.

    27,05 €
  • 27,23 €

    Author: Lamote de Grignon, Ricard

    Edition: Digital

    Toccata is one of the most important works by Ricard Lamote de Grignon, from the point of view of the compositional technique using his impeccable arrangement and sometimes surprising compositional resources, including some nods to dodecaphonic techniques, and the alternation of compact interventions groups facilitates the development of the work with a...

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  • 10,89 €

    Author: Bertran, Moisès

    Edition: Digital

    The Symphonic Variations on a theme by Henry Eccles, comprise one Theme, six Variations, one Cadence and a reprise of the theme. These small sections follow one anotherwithout any interruption, with the aim of creating a work with a single stroke within a structure is discontinuous in places.

    10,89 €
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