Nuix, Jep

Nuix, Jep

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Jep Nuix (Barcelona 1955-1998). A composer and flautist, Jep Nuix carried out flute, harmony and counterpoint studies at the Conservatorio Superior Municipal de Música (Higher Municipal School of Music) in Barcelona, and studied composition and instrumentation with Gabriel Brncic. His contacts with composers such as Witold Lutoslawski, Luigi Nono, Thomas Kessler, Gerald Bennett, Heinz Holliger, Luis de Pablo and Joan Guinjoan, among others, led him to write for all kinds of formations, from solo instrumentalists to symphony orchestras, embracing electroacoustic music in all its guises.

He wrote around seventy pieces of music as a composer, and was regularly commissioned by performers and institutions to pen works for them. He received a grant enabling him to act as resident composer at an electronic music studies course at the Conservatoire de Basilea (Basilea Music School) in Switzerland. He became part of a regular group of composers at the Laboratorio de Música Electroacústica Phonos (Phonos Electroacoustic Music Laboratory) in Barcelona, and it was here that he developed his love of electroacoustic music. He was invited to participate in the 33rd Ferienkurse für Neue Musik (Darmstadt, Germany).

He was chosen as Spain’s representative at the Sociedad Internacional de Música Contemporánea (International Society for Contemporary Music) in Warsaw, Poland (1992).

“Intervals” and “jenji” are the highlights of his discography, together with various other pieces of work recorded in conjunction with other composers.

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