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    Author: Fleta Polo, Francisco (*1931)

    Capricho concertante no. 3 is a two-movement piece for flute and guitar. In this work, the order of the factors does not change the product, since both instruments are given the same concertante treatment, without giving either instrument prevalence over the other.

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    Author: Homs, Joaquim (1906 - 2003)

    In the Duo for flute and guitar all the melodic lines are derived from the fluctuation of intervals included within the range of minor and major thirds, melancholic in tone and which, in those moments of greatest expressive intensity, expand into wider lines and chords.

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    Author: Rodríguez Picó, Jesús *1953

    Edition: Digital

    The title of this work refers to dispersion and contrasts of the points of color and light of Claude Monet's paintings related to the Giverny garden, which were the starting point for establishing a similarity to the sounds of the flute and guitar.

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    Author: Ferrer, Enric (*1958)

    Llacada, or Silt, is a piece for flute and guitar by Enric Ferrer; Silt is also the residue left behind by floodwaters as they drain out of flooded fields. The author dedicates this work to David Sanz and Jordi Gendra.

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    Author: Eckart, Edmundo (*1935)

    Mahlers Traum opens with a theme which evokes the spirit of Robert Schumann’s Träumerei –‘reverie’–. However, towards the end of the piece, it adopts expressions and harmonies more typical of Gustav Mahler.

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    Author: Soto, Pere *1958

    Edition: Digital

    Three short compositions created at two different times yet with an evident desire for unity. These are open structures in the style of a fantasy, with a fluid line from start to finish.

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    Author: Bertran, Moisès (*1967)

    Edition: Digital

    Miniatures per Gaudí is written in seven short movements that are performed without a break and therefore form a continuous multi-sectional structure. The seven pieces, entitled Prelude, Toccata I, Cantilena, Scherzo, Interlude, Toccata II and Melody, are based on the set of musical notes derived from the letters that form the surname of the modernist...

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    Author: Bosch, Lluís M. (*1966)

    Portraits of a sweet moment is an evocative and suggestive piece. It consists of four short movements and represents a turning point as we change our ideas. The flute and guitar converse with nostalgia yet contained vitality. The piece was written in the autumn of 1996.

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    Author: Coll, Xavier (*1960)

    The Tango is a modern tango on the lines of those of Piazzolla. In contrast to the tango, which is so related to the poor areas of Buenos Aires, the chacarera is rural. As this music is strongly rooted in popular music, the performer can adapt it according to his/her creativity, always bearing in mind the essential nature of each of the pieces.

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    Author: Granados, Enric (1867 - 1916)

    This series of Poetic Waltzes how us music of a clearly romantic inspiration, alternating between melancholic and passionate, and humorous and tender moments, framed between two brilliant and virtuous pieces: the introduction and the conclusion that takes us again to the first waltz, in the manner of an emotional recapitulation of the work.

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    Author: Sardà, Albert *1943

    Edition: Printed

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