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  • 18,15 €

    Author: Benejam, Lluís (1914 - 1968)

    Edition: Digital

    Trio for violin, cello and piano no. 1 by Lluís Benejam is structured into four movements, has a duration of nearly twenty minutes and an optimistic, romantic feel.

    18,15 €
  • 11,92 €

    Author: Taverna-Bech, Francesc

    Edition: Digital

    The content of the work Graffiti revolves around the desolation in which modern society lives because of habits imposed by a few people exercising power. In a way, graffiti art expresses this rebellion against the system, creating a world of fantastic graphics to escape the oppression of everyday life.

    11,92 €
  • 9,60 €

    Author: Bertran, Moisès (*1967)

    Edition: Digital

    Concertino for Piano and Strings is characterised by its organic and straight-forward construction, developed with a modesty and simplicity in its musical themes and expressions, which affords it a sense of unity, transparency and clarity.

    9,60 €
  • 7,56 €

    Author: Borgunyó, Agustí (1894 - 1967)

    Edition: Digital

    The Idil·li per a trio (violin, cello and piano) by Agustí Borgunyó is a short work of less than six minutes and yet it is full of intensity, lyricism and expressive power.

    7,56 €
  • 8,02 €

    Author: Guinjoan, Joan (*1931)

    Edition: Digital

    Remembering Millàs, this short piece contains the melodic potential of the chosen medieval song in the form of variations, using a discreet modal language with brief dissonances that do not affect the consistency of the musical approach.

    8,02 €
  • 16,00 €

    Author: Bosch, Lluís M. (*1966)

    The author captures the detail of the little things, from subtle moments to extract the musical symbols. His language is clear and essential.

    16,00 €
  • 15,60 €

    Author: Padrós, David

    Padrós chose titles with anonymous melodies, which he was complementing with a good amount of counterpoint and modal harmonies, and are an unusual accompaniment for piano.

    15,60 €
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