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Recull de Cançons (Voice & Piano)


Garreta, Juli Author:
Garreta, Juli

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These nineteen songs for voice and piano, composed by a still young Juli Garreta during the first decade of the twentieth century, present us with a very varied set of sensibilities on poems that distill the most authentic essence of Catalan poets of the Modernist period.

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Edition: Printed

    Period XXth Century
    Subheading / Parts 19 Songs
    Instruments Voice & Piano
    Text language Catalan
    Pages 60
    Contents Score
    Remarks Poems by Apel·les Mestres, Víctor Català, Jacint Verdaguer, F. Matheu, Josep Calzada, Geroni Zanné i S. Albert.
    Edition Printed

    They have come to light through the research work I have carried out based on reproductions of the holograph originals and on manuscripts of the composer’s brother, Lluís Garreta. These materials were part of, and were granted to me by, the archive of the Badalona musician Salvador Simóni Donatiu, a relative of the composer Josep Maria Vilà i Gandol, who was a pupil of Juli Garreta and came from the same town. The songs in this album are part of a set of some fifty titles.*)

    The poems by the Noucentista poets Apel·les Mestres, Víctor Català, Jacint Verdaguer, Francesc Matheu, Josep Calzada, Salvador Albert and Geroni Zanné, chosen by Garreta, along with some popular items and Latin liturgical texts, provide the inspirational basis for this collection of songs, the most complete that can be compiled with the materials available to me.

    The only cases in which we know the dates of composition are Primaveral (Spring), Les Deu (The Ten) and[C1]  Les Dotze (The Twelve), from 1901, and Orfe! (Orphan!), Capvespre (Nightfall), La non-non trista (The Sad Lullaby) and Scherzo, from 1905.

    In two of the scores with poems by Francesc Matheu there was no text for them to be sung. Finding those texts required an intense but satisfying search, which took me to the Société pour l’Étude des Langues Romanes in Montpellier, where I found the texts of these poems. The revision of the songs also included the philological task of standardizing the language used by the poets in that period.

    I would like to express my gratitude to the pianist and composer Albert Guinovart and to the mezzo-soprano Marta Valero for their contribution to the revision of the songs which they performed in June 2019.

    Josep-Maria Serracant

    Músics per la Cobla

     [C1]Ojo: hay que cambiar “i” por “y” aquí en la versión en castellano.

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