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    Author: Baldrís, Carlota (*1960)

    Edition: Printed

    This piece seeks to reflect on the thoughts and worries that come and go, when you travel by train, while linking up with others, with those of other passengers, even, who get on and off the train, bringing their own thoughts, ever more remote, with them, with their gaze lost in infinity. Finally, the train arrives at the station and the travellers...

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    Author: Capdevila, Mercè (*1946)

    Edition: Printed

    The work Corn d'or comprises quick, compressed sounds whose density means they can be listened to en masse. In the slow moments the mass deflates and softens, the sound expands and separates, breaking off in the form of phrases, or isolated sounds, with different properties, directions and levels.

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    Author: Soto, Pere

    Edition: Printed

    While these two works are independent, they are linked to each other by the juxtaposition of two energies: feminine and masculine. they each have to be performed with a different instrument.

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    Author: Bertran, Moisès (*1967)

    Edition: Printed

    The Symphonic Variations on a theme by Henry Eccles, comprise one Theme, six Variations, one Cadence and a reprise of the theme. These small sections follow one another without any interruption, with the aim of creating a work with a single stroke within a structure is discontinuous in places.

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