Welcome to our help centre, which contains a selection of FAQs and clarifications on the main sections and functionalities of the website. If you have any other queries, please use our contact form.


What is the purpose of registering?

You need to set up a user account to shop and access the user panel. Also, if you register you can get the latest news on all our new products and additions to the website.

How to register

To set up your account, simply click on “Create an account” and complete the form; if you have not yet set up your account when you make your first purchase, you can do so at the same time. The fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory and you also need to tick the “Accept the terms of service” box. Don’t forget to tick the option "I would like to receive news and special offers from Clivis" if you want us to send you information about the new products in the store.

My user panel

In the user panel you can change your personal details and view a record of the purchases made from the CLIVIS online store, and a summary of all the scores you have bought. From the user panel you can download the scores you have bought to your computer, eBook, tablet or even your mobile phone. To enter the user panel you need to identify yourself first.

How do I identify myself?

To identify yourself, simply click on “Enter” and enter your email address and password, then click on “OK”. Once you have identified yourself, your username will appear in the upper right-hand side of the online store page.