sobre los autores

About the Composers

Contemporary Composers

The term ‘contemporary’ is a difficult one to define precisely, but as a general rule the contemporary composers featured on this site were born from the end of the 19th century through to the present day.

The composers featured in our catalogue are professional musicians who have felt the need to
express themselves in the language of music and who, at some point in their lives, have chosen the
option of composing to communicate.

Exclusive pieces

Our aim is to offer you all the modern pieces that you can’t find anywhere else on the web. The works in the CLIVIS catalogue are exclusive. Many of them have been played by well-known performers, chamber orchestras and orchestras from various countries. Don’t miss this chance to get to know them!

Constantly updated

Our team works tirelessly to add more sheet music to our catalogue that already existed on paper.
CLIVIS will also continue to offer new and carefully-chosen pieces and to introduce one or two
new composers every year.