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    Author: Baldrís, Carlota (*1960)

    Edition: Printed

    The work is inspired by the magical night of Saint John and proposes to let us take a little trip to the world of emotions, from the calm to joy, the fullness to melancholy, the party to a reflection more intimate.

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    Author: Homs, Joaquim (*1906 - 2003)

    Edition: Printed

    The melodic willingness of the Soliloqui IV by Joaquim Homs is framed in a rhetorical approach in which imitations, mutations and derivations are used to construct a discourse in which the emotional content of the sound and its relationship with the silence takes the lead role.

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    Author: Bofill, Anna (*1944)

    Edition: Printed

    Was composed in 1978 following a visit to Algeria and the Sahara desert, Tamanrasset. The premiere was in 2006 by the Australian guitarist Rene Mora. The Suite de Tamanrasset is structured into four movements in which liberty and the sensation of improvisation prevail, while at the same time exploring the various resources of the guitar.

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    Author: Soto, Pere

    Edition: Printed

    The Seven Miniatures for Classic Guitar feature baroque airs, classical citations and touches of contemporary jazz, a genre in which Pere Soto is an expert in his facet as a performer.

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    Author: Larios, Oscar

    Edition: Printed

    This piece has been selected for the fifth edition of the Children Guitar Competition José Luís Lopategui

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    Author: Bertran, Moisès (*1967)

    Edition: Printed

    Remembering Miquel Llobet is a Song and Dance for solo guitar, the idea of working on a simple melody popular at the Song, and on the main theme of one of Chopin’s Mazurkas for piano in the Dance. From the Song, one can emphasize so typical of the Catalan song style, and from the Dance, the colourful harmonic and melodic variations and the mention of a...

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