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    Author: Oltra, Manuel (1922-2017)

    Edition: Printed

    The general inspiration of the piece stems from traditional music, although no traditional theme is referred to at any point during the piece. It could be described as a stroll (a suite) through various environments and atmospheres which abound with good taste that commences with a delicate, albeit rhythmic prelude introducing the two main elements on...

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    Author: Borgunyó, Agustí (1894 - 1967)

    Edition: Printed

    Two Pieces for String Orchestra have all the charm of Agustí Borgunyó’s language: simplicity, freshness, elegance and direct communication without any kind of speculative interest, with a very Mediterranean air permeating them from the first bar.

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    Author: Ortega, Miquel

    Edition: Printed

    This work comes from a very short song written in the spring of 1984 and belongs to a cycle of 20 songs, titled Les quatre estacions (The Four Seasons) with texts by Josep Carner.

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    Author: Toldrà, Eduard

    Edition: Printed

    Empúries, the ancient Greek villa situated in the northeast of Catalonia, has been a source of inspiration for numerous artistic works, and especially of musical works.

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    Author: Serra, Joaquim

    Edition: Printed

    Estampes Simfòniques has two parts: Danza Gitana and Fiesta Andaluza. The second movement is structured around a nocturnal air, while the centre of the first movement contains a habanera rhythm.

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    Author: Bertran, Moisès (*1967)

    Edition: Printed

    The Symphonic Variations on a theme by Henry Eccles, comprise one Theme, six Variations, one Cadence and a reprise of the theme. These small sections follow one anotherwithout any interruption, with the aim of creating a work with a single stroke within a structure is discontinuous in places.

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    Author: Larios, Oscar

    Edition: Printed

    La Rosa dels Vents by Oscar Larios is a music tale for symphonic orchestral ensemble of elementary grade and narrator. The work has been composed and arranged to be played by musicians at least attending the third or fourth elementary grade. This edition has been revised and orchestrated to ensure maximum adaptability of the orchestration available to...

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    Author: Ferrer, Enric (*1958)

    Edition: Printed

    The unit of the 4 cançons stems from their common features: cadences and melodic turns that appear at different moments. Enric Ferrer has managed to maintain a perfect equilibrium and achieve the ideal symbiosis by adapting the music to the poem it represents.

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    Author: Benejam, Lluís (1914 - 1968)

    Edition: Printed

    This work is brilliant, energetic, at certain moments impressionist, at others polytonal or influenced by the language of jazz, it clearly evinces the spirituality of its composer.

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    Author: Puértolas, Pere J.

    Edition: Printed

    This work consists of five complementary movements and, in the words of the author: “it is just a bit of fun, with no other pretension beyond that of passing a bit of time with live and cheerful music, without any more profound intentions”.

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    Author: Gols, Xavier (1902 - 1938)

    Edition: Printed

    The music of Gols is fresh and agreeable with passages and tones that echo traditional Catalan popular music and has been consistently performed over the years by leading contemporary artists.

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    Author: Benejam, Lluís (1914 - 1968)

    Edition: Printed

    The Concerto Grosso stands out among the works written by Benejam in Ecuador, an energetic work, robust, with touches of humor and very representative of the personal language of the composer.

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